Wearable Devices-Road to Future

Wearable devices are the technology devices which are worn by a human being and is able to track information. Some examples of wearable devices which we see in our daily lives are smart watch, fitness band, and smart glasses. These gadgets are drastically changing the landscape of our business and living in the society. These devices have potential to improve efficiency, productivity, service, and engagement in different businesses. These can improve the communication, connectivity healthy living and more for human living. One of the wearable device, Apple watch, which according to Apple’s CEO Tim cook is “the most personal device we’ve ever made,” and allowing users “to do things they never imagined”. A research says that 21% of American adults use and owns the wearable gadgets.[...]

Zappos Success philosophy

Nick Swinmurn, an ordinary shoe customer, founded Zappos, in 1999. Nick Swinmurn was once frustrated, when he was not able to find the right size, color and style of shoe after trying in many brick and mortar stores. As Internet was on boom that time, then Swinmurn came with an idea and decided to create online shoe retail, using the internet to address this problem. This problem is faced by customer buying from all traditional shoe retails, so Nick decided to start Zappos, in spite the fact that he dint had any experience in retails.[...]

Effect of technology on future growth of BRICS

BRICS is an association of five major economies of world -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The four BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India, and China had met in Yekaterinburg for the first official meeting in 2009. South Africa was included in this association of emerging economies in 2010[...]


The Internet of Things- Digitizing the physical world

“Internet of things is creating real economic value and is bringing about a significant shift in the way we interact with our surroundings” We wonder what Internet of Things is doing? It is acting as actuators or sensors connected by all networks to computing systems. These systems have the ability to monitor or manage the health and actions of all connected objects and machines. And these connected sensors is able to monitor the natural world, people, and animals.[...]