Decoding Digital-Shopper

Now a days e-commerce companies along with their technology providers are trying attract more and more digital customers. They are planning different strategies to effectively engage digital customer through different digital touch points. These companies are investing lot of resources in digital marking, social media, search engine, advertising etc. However most important strategy to get more and more digital customer is to map the shopper’s DNA. Companies need to decode customer characteristics to find out their buying behavior. [...]

Innovation- “Gateway to Organizational Growth”

Just as depicted in the 1984 Super Bowl commercial, Apple has been consistently breaking the norm of personal technology industry by transforming what is already available in the market into “insanely great Apple products”. Apple’s success did not come from invention of new products. Apple was not the first to introduce digital music players, yet by improving existing products, Apple developed its own iPods. [...]

Leadership – An Impetus for Successful Organization

It is great saying that leader is the one who could not just “do things right” but also “do the right thing.” The leader’s character make a great impact on the organizational growth of any business. However, there are different challenges for the leadership in an organization. But now a days challenges are not the same as it used to be. [...]

Continuous Innovation at Apple

“Internet of things is creating real economic value and is bringing about a significant shift in the way we interact with our surroundings” We wonder what Internet of Things is doing? It is acting as actuators or sensors connected by all networks to computing systems. These systems have the ability to monitor or manage the health and actions of all connected objects and machines. And these connected sensors is able to monitor the natural world, people, and animals. [...]