Art of selling for retail stores

Earlier, for retail stores, medium of sales was only from the customer who walk in the store and buy. But now a days, we have seen that many customer enter the store and come out undecided what to buy. Even after retail stores provide best product after researching the market, customer do not buy.

Now a days, retail websites and mobile shopping app with all new technologies have changed the way customer shop. These options help the customer to research best product available in the market with the lower cost.

This have led to the reduction in- store sales staff and elimination of the commission based model. However, a research says that about 40% of customer remain open to be pursued by sales staff even if they have researched the product online, or read reviews and compared the prices.

Retail stores can bolster their sales by having the knowledgeable and well trained sales staff. Right sales force usually is well trained to ask the customer what they need, demonstrate them product, provide them merits and demerits of it and then closes the deal. Say for example a in a case customer want to buy electronics or home appliance, a sales staff can actually help the customer to make write decision even if customer have researched about the product.

However more than 50% times deal is not closed. So, retail stores need to have right staff on board who is sales driven and provide best customer experience to the customer. Staff person should be the one who is highly motivated extrovert personality and the one who is passionate about sales. He/she should be the one who understand what customer wants and enjoy the whole sales process. These individual should be well trained about the product and categories and should be able to answer all customer when asked by potential customers.

Apart from having right sales force, retail stores need to match up with the growing trend of online shopping. Retail stores should have a well-designed website which displays all products information, customer reviews along with its best pricing. This helps to provide customer with a visual merchandise store experience online. The visual displays on the website can help customer to understand the product more without memorizing the details. In this way website can help the customers in the buying decision when they walk in the store, and customers are more prepared to buy the product.

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